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  • Monthly Group Coaching

    We love a supportive sisterhood! Once a month, we will join forces in a Live training call, where you can ask whatever your heart desires as you venture your journey to soul equilibrium and business development. 

  • Lifetime Access

    You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the Soulful CEO Inner Circle, including monthly coaching call replays and any new lessons added to the training portal.

  • Mindset and Meditation

    Spiritually-guided meditations and mindset practices to help you gain ultimate clarity in direction by tapping into psychic intuition and connecting with higher self.

  • Aligned Marketing Strategies

    Your business isn’t cookie cutter, and your marketing shouldn’t be either. We all channel different creative energy. In the Inner Circle, I provide you with the tools and heart-centered rituals that will take you from not knowing what to create to magnetizing your audience to your every share!

  • Business Development Tools

    Gaining clarity on your personal brand, creating quick cash injections in your business, onboarding and offboarding soulmate clients, selling without being sleazy, the marketing strategy that landed me 30 clients in two weeks, and SO MUCH more… The business development tools in the Inner Circle will elevate you to ultimate authority and professionalism. 

The Inner Circle is for you if you:

  • Want to build, grow, and scale a LEGACY coaching business that lasts... by clearing energy and opening heart space for guidance 

  • Want to be a household-name coach in your industry— you are the GO TO expert everyone knows!

  • Feel depleted from outdated, manipulative sales strategies 

  • Already have an established coaching business but are stuck and uninspired 

  • Desire a deeper connection to higher self for ultimate clarity and magnetized branding and marketing 

The Inner Circle is NOT for you if you:

  • Think a legacy coaching business is built overnight

  • Don’t have an openness to breaking through the limiting beliefs that are creating roadblocks in your journey

  • Aren’t open to honest, heart-centered guidance

  • Aren’t committed to intense personal growth

  • Have zero interest in an energetically-aligned life for an energetically-aligned business

Hey! I’m Cat, your Soulful CEO Leader. 


My spiritual journey to healing and reinvention of self started after leaving an abusive relationship years ago that left me feeling completely lost and disconnected from self.


After years of a narcissist making it a point to convince me how unattractive and undeserving of love I was, I eventually started to believe it… and was thrown into the darkest depression of my life. 


I remember looking at the world around me from what I visualized as myself in an inescapable clear glass dome. Everyone who wasn’t in my situation looked so… peaceful. Given the emotional battlefield that was my life, I craved love for self and personal power more than anything. 


So, in this adult relationship, I turned to the creative superpower that always had my back in middle and high school: makeup. I started a beauty blog to raise my spirits and elevate my vibration, and later built up enough courage to walk away from my abuser for good. 


After six months of intense healing and liberation, I fully stepped into my power and purpose and turned my beauty blog into an e-commerce business. I became the entrepreneur I spiritually knew I was destined to be.


But, it wasn’t easy. At all.


So many generational limiting beliefs made their debut, making me doubt myself and the journey I was on in creating the legacy business I saw in divine visions.


I sometimes felt so lost that I came close to throwing the towel in completely.I had a terrible relationship with money and lost (lots of) it along the way.


I often wondered if it was all for nothing...


When I opened my heart to patience, magical things started happening in my life and business.


My relationships, platonic and romantic, grew stronger.


My love for self was magnetic.


New customers started pouring through from energetically-aligned marketing strategies...


Referrals started introducing themselves and leaving rave reviews on my website…


Word of mouth was taking off, and so many opportunities were coming with it.


During this time, I found myself helping others brand and market their dream businesses…


I was unofficially coaching people, free of charge. I was happy to.


Then, the pandemic hit, I lost my corporate job of nearly 10 years in national sales and marketing, and I knew I had to break through even more limiting beliefs of my own to start charging for my services.


It took years of healing, patience, and drive to produce consistent 5-figure months in my coaching business… And, THIS led to my most empowered voice and mission in the coaching industry.


I refuse to be another sexy marketer who leads with desperation… talking about how “you can make $30K in three months of starting your business” all by working with me.




I am here and was destined to be an HONEST guide in your life and business.


As I worked with paying clients, I started attracting a lot of life coaches with so many noticeable spiritual blocks. At the time, I was baffled because I had the limiting belief that life coaches had no business needing my help. They were already healed and elevated because of their job, right?


Wrong. So wrong.


I found myself helping my clients work through resistance, heal generational trauma (and referring them to therapists if the work got too deep), grow a deeper inner awareness to bring in their most elevated and aligned relationships, develop acceptance of self and experience, connect and compromise with higher self, rid Imposter Syndrome from their experience… and, ultimately, ELEVATE THEMSELVES to elevate their businesses. 


I’ve been working with female coaches ever since, and my spiritual gifts have become the forefront of how I serve them. From psychic intuitive visions, to helping my clients understand ego and the role it plays in their personal relationships and business, to activating spiritual tools that magnetize their marketing and their relationship with money… The journey of growing an ultra successful, household-name, LEGACY coaching business is 85% spiritual work, 15% strategy and implementation.


Growing the coaching business of your dreams takes time. I will never be the one to lie to you. Have openness to patience, soul elevation, and persistence... WILL TRAVEL.If this aligns with you, and your desire is to build, grow, and scale a legacy of servitude by identifying your soul purpose and taking the steps to activate it, I invite you to join me in the Soulful CEO Inner Circle.


The Soulful CEO Inner Circle is a sisterhood of women coaches and business owners just like you, ready to make their mark in their industry… To be the soul-driven, go-to expert in their space.


I hope to see you on the inside of this incredibly transformative experience.


Love and light,

What people are saying

Fatima is a Social Media Manager who gives life coaches the most precious commodity we have in this lifetime: More time! For themselves, their businesses, their families, their souls. English is not Fátima’s native language… And, through our work together in the Inner Circle, she completely leaned into resistance and broke through her communication limitations to consistently show up in her power on video. Because of this soul work, Fátima is growing the business of her dreams with work she loves, and experiencing exactly what she provides her clients: More time with her daughter, Kate! Karmic energy ON FIRE

Stephanie is a Transformation Coach and speaker who helps moms embody their inner masterpiece. During our time together, we were able to unveil the limiting beliefs she came in with around her relationships and professional impact. We worked together in heart-centered space to identify the root of these limitations, from wounded feminine energy to inner child protection, to calibrate stronger boundaries, relationships, and consistent manifested money flow and dream clients just one month into working together!

Tiffany is a Life Insurance Mentor who helps families break through the discomfort of uncomfortable conversations -- with a MBA to match! Tiffany came to the Inner Circle looking to evolve a more lively personal brand in the business of death… Because life should ALWAYS be celebrated. As an Inner Circle VIP, she was able to rebrand her business in a way that empowers her, set boundaries on social media with the internal soul work, and completely shine on camera without feeling the need to over-explain!


No commitment. Cancel anytime. Or don't. :-)

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to the most common questions

1. What is Soul-Centered Business Mindset Coaching?

  • Your soul connection to your spiritual, higher self plays an everlasting role in the growth of your business. The awareness you have in your relationships, your fears, your past experience, your joy activators in this lifetime -- plays a significant role in manifesting your dream desires. Whether it’s more time with your kids, a healthier relationship with your partner, or more money in the bank, your soul work is the catalyst for positive change and bringing dreams to physical reality in your life and business. Business mindset coaching is 80% soul-focused work (manifestation, your relationship with money, activating intimacy, energy clearing, limiting belief breakthroughs, generational healing, etc.) and 20% business (soul-aligned social marketing, signature offer creation and launching, sales psychology, video marketing, team delegation, KPI tracking, systems and automations, etc.). While others advise you to lead with your mind… Soul-centered business mindset coaching leads with the heart (the highest vibrational communicator) that dictates your path to ultimate clearance and freedom.

2. Is this considered Life Coaching?

  • Being that my work is heavily focused simultaneously on improving your life and dream business, life coaching isn’t too far off the beaten path. However, there is a lot of spiritual practice and training in my support; Therefore, I consider this work to go even deeper into the realms of soul.

3. What results do you promise?

  • Zero. I cannot promise that you will do the inner work of soul activation. This container only works if you do.

4. Do you offer refunds?

  • No. All Soulful CEO containers are intellectual property and you receive full access upon signup; Therefore, I do not offer any refunds. If you are dissatisfied with your experience, please email me directly

5. When are the monthly group coaching calls?

  • Soulful CEO Inner Circle calls happen on the last Friday of the month at 11:00 am eastern time

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